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    At Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control (formerly Fumapest) we are termite specialists offering comprehensive termite services to homeowners across Gippsland. We’ve been protecting homes in the Mornington Peninsula for over 35 years, with our trusted termite inspections and guaranteed termite treatments. We also provide standard pest control services to homeowners, and tailored commercial pest control services to businesses and other organisations.

    The towns in Gippsland we service…

    We service many of the major towns in Gippsland on the road out of Melbourne, from Warragul, Moe and Traralgon, through Bairnsdale, as far as Orbost and Marlo.

    What our customers say…

    Pest Control Services

    Most homeowners in Gippsland opt for an annual general pest control treatment, which covers the key pests – web-building spiders, large cockroach species, common ants silverfish and carpet beetles, and comes with a 6-month warranty. We also offer specialist treatments in case of major infestations or specific pests, like German cockroaches and European wasps. We also provide safe and effective rodent treatments for rat and mice problems.

    Our business customers general require a regular commercial pest control service program to keep their property pest free. We tailor these programs to the specific needs of each customer to ensure their property remains pest free and they are compliant with any relevant regulations.

    Termite Inspection Gippsland

    Annual termite inspections are a must for all homeowners in Gippsland. Not only will we find any active termites, but with our skills and termite detection equipment, we will pick up termite damage and the subtle signs of termite activity. Importantly, we will also identity any conditions around the property that may make a termite attack more likely.

    Termite Treatments Gippsland

    At Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control we provide a full range of termite treatment options. There are two types of termite treatment used for long-lasting protection – termiticide treatments to the soil around and under the house or termite baiting system installed around the building. The type of termite treatment we recommend will depend on the construction of the building and soil conditions around the property.

    Termite Protection Gippsland

    If you are building a new home, carrying out renovations or even landscaping (next to the building), you always need to think about termite protection. Before you start your next project give us a call so we can review your options for protecting your home from termites. There are building regulations which make termite protection compulsory, but whatever you are doing around your home, you want to make sure you’re protecting your most valuable asset. Remember, termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance!

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

    Buying a house? It’s important to get a professional timber pest inspection before you buy (or bid at auction). The inspection will give you all the information about the presence of timber pests (termites, borers and timber deacy) and the potential risk of future attack – important information before making a purchase decision. With the price of properties continuing to rise, this is vital information for any house buyer.

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    Interesting facts about Gippsland

    • Gippsland covers a large part of south eastern Victoria. The traditional owners of the land are th Gunai and Bunurong peoples, with European settles first arriving in the area in 1835.
    • Gippsland economy is based on mining, power generation, farming and tourism, with well known tourist spots being Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, the Gippsland Lakes and the Strezelecki Ranges.
    • The climate is generally temperate with good rainfall, making it ideal for a range of pests. Temperatures can drop below freezing inland during winter at night, which drives rodents indoors.

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