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    Termidor High Efficiency – Termidor HE

    The Termidor HE chemical treatment is an improvement on the Termidor SC, which was the original version. In 2018, Termidor HE was introduced to Australia in an effort to improve the results from this substance. While Termidor SC is highly effective in eradicating termites, there are some details that need to be heeded by an accredited Termidor applicator for it to be completely successful. For example, the trench around the house needs to be a certain depth and width, a certain amount of product needs to be injected into the soil, and if drilling through concrete or tiles, these drill holes need to be quite close together which can cause cracking. Termidor HE aims to solve these problems, as it can be injected at greater distances between drill holes in tiled and concrete areas. This means there’s more leeway to place drill holes in more subtle positions such as grout lines, avoiding cracked tiles.

    How Does Termidor HE Work?

    Termidor effectiveness is high when applied by an accredited Termidor HE applicator due to the way the substance works. Although the Termidor HE label boasts the same active ingredient as Termidor SC (Fipronil), it is dispersed using Advanced Polymer Technology (APT). It is this method of dispersal that makes all the difference. Once Termidor HE is applied by a Termidor applicator, it will start to work moving horizontally and vertically across the soil, allowing Fipronil to bind to the dirt. APT is proven to disperse 2.5 times further in the soil than industry standard solutions. Soil type may alter the distance drilling needs to take place, but with Termidor HE, holes can be drilled up to 450mm apart.

    How Long Does Termidor HE Treatment Last For?

    When Termidor HE is applied by a trusted Termidor certified professional, you can expect to be protected from termites for 8 years.

    Can I Do the Application of Termidor HE Myself?

    No, you need to find an accredited Termidor HE applicator to do it for you to ensure the best results. Otherwise, outcomes could be compromised and you may not qualify for the Termidor $2 million dollar assurance of termite protection.

    5 Reasons to Choose Termidor HE as your Termite Control Solution

    • An improvement on the original great formula
    • Your Termidor certified professional will ensure great results
    • It provides protection not covered by home insurance
    • Provides complete peace of mind
    • Termidor has been successfully operating in the industry for 10 years

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