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    Sentricon Always Active Systems for Victorian Homes

    Sentricon systems are one of the best termite control systems available to protect your entire house from termites. The main ingredient used in a Sentricon termite treatment is Noviflumuron, which eliminates queen termites and entire termite colonies very effectively.

    If your property is experiencing a termite infestation or if you want to prevent one from happening in the future, you should consider getting Sentricon termite bait stations installed. Fumapest Termite & Pest Control is a licensed installer of Sentricon Always Active systems. These Sentricon termite control systems provide an effective, safe and cost-effective way to protect your property against termite infestation in the long-term. Sentricon termite control systems aren’t toxic for humans and animals to be near, meaning it’s safe to be around your home while the termites are being eliminated.

    How Does the Sentricon Termite Protection System Work?

    Most types of termite control systems fail at eliminating termite infestations,since the termites usually die near the bait stations.This alerts the other termites who will then avoid the bait stations.

    The bait inside Sentricon termite bait stations includes an active chemical called hexaflumuron. This chemical affects a termites’ ability to produce chitin, which termites use to build their exoskeletons. Termites have to continue producing chitin in order to survive. However, the hexaflumuron stops termites from producing chitin, causing them to eventually die.

    Sentricon termite treatments are made to infect the termites but not kill them straight away. In fact, it allows the termite enough time to travel back to the colony and get the other termites to feed off the bait as well, unknowingly further spreading the hexaflumuron to the rest of the colony.

    How to Get Sentricon Always Active Bait Stations Installed

    You can contact Fumapest Termite & Pest Control and request that one of our exterminators come to your property to perform an inspection and ascertain whether your home is infested or not. Once the inspection has been completed, we can install Sentricon termite bait stations that involve digging a small hole in the ground surrounding the building where the Sentricon system will be placed. Termites much prefer eating this bait over wood, and they’ll then take it back to their colony, beginning the extermination process.

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