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    Professional Pest Control Services Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula & Gippsland

    Termites VIC – Termite & Pest Control offer a full range of termite and pest control services to homeowners and businesses across South and East Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and out to Bairnsdale in Gippsland.

    Backed by more than 35 years of experience, Termites VIC (previously Fumapest) are the family owned Melbourne pest control company, that’s Trusted, Experienced and Dedicated to protect you, your family and your home from pests.

    For quality and guaranteed termite and pest control for your home and business, call the trusted experts at Termites VIC – Termite & Pest Control.

    Residential Pest Control Melbourne & Victoria

    Termites VIC – Termite & Pest Control offer a full range of pest control and termite services, to protect you, your family and your home from pests. 

    Although we specialise in termite management (termite inspections and termite treatments), we also provide pest control treatments for our customers. Often this means a general pest control treatments once a year, but sometimes it may require one of our specialist pest control treatments.

    General Pest Control Treatment

    Spraying house - pest control spray
    Pest spray to building exterior
    Black house spider
    Black house spider – web-builder
    Ant gel bait treatment
    Ant gel bait treatment

     Our general pest control treatments include the following pests:

    • Web-building spiders
    • Large cockroaches (specialist treatment required for German cockroaches)
    • Common ants
    • Silverfish
    • Carpet beetles

    We spray inside and outside the home with specialised products and use baits for ants and cockroaches as required.

    We provide a 6-MONTH WARRANTY on our general pest treatments.

    Many of our customers choose to combine their annual termite inspection and general pest treatment into the same service visit, to GET A DISCOUNT.

    What our customers think…

    Specialist Pest Control Treatments

    Redback spider

    Spider control

    German cockroach

    Cockroach control

    European wasp

    Wasp control

    Roof rat

    Rodent control

    At Termites VIC – Termite & Pest Control, termite control is our speciality. Termites, also known as white ants, are a major economic pest and can cause significant damage to homes. We offer a full range of termite services (termite inspections and termite treatments), including Termidor termite treatments that are backed by an 8 year warranty.

    In addition to our general pest treatment, we offer a range of specialist pest treatments for specific pest problems:

    Spider Control

    Many of our customers in Melbourne book a “spider spray” as their main pest issues are web-building spiders such as redbacks and black house spiders. Our general pest treatment also cover web-building spiders.

    We provide a 6-month warranty on our spider treatments and general pest treatments covering web-building spiders.

    Sometimes our customers have a specific problem with white-tail spiders or huntsman spiders (hunting / ground spiders). We carry out an inspection to find out where the infestation is coming from and carrying out an appropriate treatment to eliminated the current problem. However, since these types of spiders walk on the tips of their legs, it means they can walk across any treated surface thus picking up only a small amount of insecticide. This means they can enter an house (although they may die later). For this reason we cannot offer long term warranties for this type of spiders.

    BUT, a spider spray or general pest treatment will eliminate insects and web-building spiders, which are the main food sources for huntsman and white-tail spiders. As such, after one of these treatments your house won’t be particularly attractive place for hunting spiders, so they will move elsewhere looking for food.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are our pest control treatments safe?

    We talk to you to make sure we are aware of any concerns and carry out risk assessments before every treatment to ensure we can apply a safe pest control treatment. We only use products and apply them according to the label instruction to ensure the treatment is safe for your family and pets, with minimal impact on the environment.

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