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    Termite Inspection in Melbourne & Victoria

    A professional termite inspection is recommended at least once a year for homeowners in mainland Australia, as part of a termite management plan to protect your property.

    Of course, if you’re worried your home is under termite attack, a comprehensive termite inspection needs to be carried out immediately.

    Termite inspection


    If you think you have termites, don’t disturb them and don’t spray them with insecticide!

    This only frightens them from the area but doesn’t eliminate the problem and it makes it more difficult for a termite professional to work out what is going on and to carry out a termite treatment.

    If you’re worried you might have termites just give us a call!

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    Why choose Termites VIC for your Termite Inspection?

    • We are termite specialists!
    • All our termite inspectors are fully qualified and insured
    • Our team have been carrying out termite inspections in Melbourne for over 35 years!
    • We take our time to carry out a comprehensive termite inspection
    • To back up our expert termite inspectors we use state-of-the-art termite detection technology, including the FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera and Termatrac T3i
    • We provide a comprehensive multipage report with photos (see below for more details)
    • We are always happy to discuss our findings

    What our customers say…

    The Termite Inspection Process

    As a minimum, termite inspections need to be carried out according to Australian Standards AS:3660. However, at Termites VIC we also inspect for borers and wood decay, according to AS 4349.3 Timber Pest Inspections, to make sure we inspect for and report on any timber pests that could be attacking your property (not just termites).

    The termite inspection is a visual inspection to detect 3 main issues:

    • Signs of termite or borer activity
    • Any termite, borer or timber decay damage
    • Conditions or construction faults that may make a termite, borer or timber decay attack more likely
    What areas do we inspect?
    • Land within the property boundary, within 50 m of the main building, looking at trees, fencing, landscaping elements and any out-buildings
    • Building exterior
    • All rooms within the house
    • Sub-floor (if present)
    • Roof void
    • Garage

    The Termite Inspection Report

    Our comprehensive reports are multi-page reports with photos, according to AS 4349.3 and include:

    • Identify any timber pests present (termites, borers, timber decay)
    • Details of any visual evidence of current and/or past timber pest activity
    • An assessment of any damage that is visible
    • A thorough assessment of the vulnerability of your property to timber pest attack
    • Recommendations to fix issues and improve conditions around the property to make a termite attack less likely
    • A timber pest management plan (if necessary), to provide long lasting termite protection for your property

    We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the findings in the report.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Termite Inspections

    How much do termite inspections cost?

    Termite inspections cost varies depending on the property… it depends on the size of the house, the construction type (eg. does it have a sub-floor) and the size of the property. The more time it takes to carry out the inspection, the higher the cost. Please give us a call for a quote.

    As standard home insurance does not provide cover for termite damage, and termite damage is more likely than fire, flood or other natural disaster combined, it is important to consider a termite inspection as part of your home insurance activities.

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    An astonishing one in three homes is susceptible to termites, causing millions of dollars of damage every year in Victoria alone. Even worse, termite damage isn’t covered by most insurance policies.

    A comprehensive termite inspection conducted by Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control is the first step to ensure your home is safe from the devastating effects of termites. Call us on 1800 113 112 to speak with our friendly staff, or contact us online to book your termite inspection.

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