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    Termidor Treatment in Melbourne

    Have you heard of trusted brand Termidor? It’s the leading treatment for termites in Australia. Termidor treatment guarantees a termite-free home. In fact, it guarantees against structural damage of up to $2 million dollars. That’s the confidence that this brand enjoys in its product, and that’s why Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control chooses Termidor products for effective termite treatment.

    The Termidor Termite Treatment Assurance

    The Termidor warranty includes the following:

    • Offers protection that is not covered by home insurance
    • Authentic Termidor application
    • Accredited Termidor applicator
    • $2 million in structural damage covered
    • Includes inspections by a trained applicator
    • Your complete peace of mind
    • 10 years of trust in the industry
    • Warranty certificate issued after each treatment

    The Benefits of Termidor Pest Control

    There are a number of benefits of choosing Termidor for termites. It not only eradicates all current termites, but protects again reinfestation indefinitely until the next scheduled treatment. Here are some more advantages of this fantastic product:

    Unique Transfer Effect

    The unique transfer effect of the Termidor chemical ensures that termites are easily killed through ingestion and contact. This means that a termite doesn’t need to travel to the area where the Termidor SC active ingredient lies in the ground, but can be eliminated simply through contact with another affected termite.

    Super Quick Control of Termite Activity

    After a Termidor certified professional applies Termidor chemical to an area, termite activity is halted very quickly. Termites pass on the chemicals in Termidor fast, leading to their rapid demise.

    Long-Term Termite Resistance

    Termidor for termites is not just good for short-term interventions or a current infestation – it’s also effective for long-term termite eradication and protection of your home.

    Non-Toxic & Safe for Gardens

    While it’s imperative that you find a solution that works, when it comes to termites, not every method can call itself non-toxic, or safe for your garden and earthworms. However, Termidor can.

    How Long Does Termidor last?

    Termidor termite treatment lasts for 10 years.

    Is Termidor Safe for Indoor Use?

    Termidor is best used outdoors and can only be used indoors if it’s used within the walls or below the foundations. It can’t be sprayed indoors along baseboards or in cabinets. To ensure proper use of Termidor, ask a Termidor certified professional to apply it.

    Can Termidor Be Used for Both Residential and Commercial Buildings?

    Yes, Termidor can be used for both residential and commercial buildings to eliminate termites and prevent further infestation.

    Will Termidor Leave an Odour?

    No, Termidor has almost no odour at all.

    What is the Termidor Treatment Cost?

    The cost of getting an accredited Termidor applicator to work on your home will depend on the size of the area affected by termites. If you need a quote, call Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control on 1800 113 112.

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