FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control Services

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    Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive amount our pest control services. These are answers to the common general questions we receive, for frequently asked questions on specific services, we have separate FAQ sections on the respective service pages.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are our pest control treatments safe?

    We only use products and apply them according to the label instruction to ensure the treatment is safe for your family and pets, with minimal impact on the environment.

    Before we start any treatment, we talk to you to make sure we are aware of any concerns you may have and carry out a risk assessments to ensure we can apply a safe pest control treatment.

    If there are any specific instructions we will let you know at the time of the treatment. For example, if we are doing a spray treatment it will be necessary to ensure people and pets are kept out of the treatment area during the treatment and remain out of the area, until the treatment is dry.

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