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    Pest Control Services in Melbourne and Victoria

    Areas serviced in Melbourne and Victoria

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control is based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and provides trusted termite and pest control services to homeowners and businesses in the east of Melbourne (up to around Eltham in the northeast), the south of Melbourne, down to Frankston and Mornington Pennisula, out to Packenham and into Gippsland, as far as Bairnsdale.

    Key Pests in Melbourne

    The key pests of concern for homeowners in Melbourne are:

    • Termites
    • Spiders
    • Ants
    • Cockroaches
    • Wasps
    • Rodents

    For homeowners, protecting their home, their most valuable asset, from termites is the number on priority. Coptotermes termites, the key termite pest in Melbourne and Victoria, can form large nests of up to 1 million individuals and can cause significant damage in as little as 6 months!

    You don’t have to be an arachnophobe to not want spiders in your house and certainly the bites of redback spiders and white-tail spiders are a significant safety concern. Similarly European wasps represent a significant safety risk to your family and pets. Cockroaches are also a potential health concern and ants are just annoying.

    Rodents are a significant problem – they too represent a health risk, but they are also one of the main causes of house fires, caused when they chew through electrical wiring. Although rats and mice can be a problem at any time of year, the tend to be more of an issue in the winter when they come inside looking for food.

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    Termite Inspections Melbourne

    Irrespective of whether you live in a “termite declared” area in Melbourne, the reality is that termites are everywhere. Governments, building authorities and Australian Standards all recommend that home should have a termite inspection carried out at least once a year.

    Termite Treatments Melbourne

    Termite treatments are strongly recommended for all homes in Melbourne and Victoria to prevent concealed entry by termites. New home should have suitable termite protection incorporated during construction. However, older homes often have insufficient protection and as “new” homes age and change, often the original termite protection no longer does the job.

    As such, with termite damage not covered by standard home insurance, the installation of a termite management system is a smart investment to provide long lasting protection for your home. There are two termite management system option; either a termiticide treatment to the soil around and under the building, or the installation of a termite baiting system around the perimeter.

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