Kordon Termite Barrier

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    Protect Your Property with a Kordon Termite Barrier

    Whether you’re planning to build a brand new home or renovate your current house, it’s compulsory that your house complies with Australian building regulations.This includes ensuring that your property is protected against potential termite infestation. After all, you don’t want your most important and most valuable asset to succumb to these pests.

    Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control (formerly Fumapest) is a licensed installer of both Kordon termite barriers and Kordon moisture barrier treatments. A Kordon termite control system is the best type of termite treatment for new construction projects, available for both homes and commercial buildings. It also complies with the Building Code of Australia as well as your local council’s pre construction termite treatment requirements.

    Kordon Termite Barrier

    Kordon is a flexible and long-lasting pre construction pest control system that guarantees your property is fully protected from termites and other pests when installed by a qualified Kordon installer.

    The reason why your house should have a Kordon termite control system is to ensure that any termites that are trying to enter your house have to enter through external walls, forcing them to build mud tunnels up from above ground which makes their presence visible.

    Kordon termite protection systems contain deltamethrin, which is an artificial version of pyrethrum. Insects naturally try to avoid deltamethrin. As soon as termites go anywhere near a Kordon termite barrier, they’ll go elsewhere to seek sustenance.

    Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control can install a Kordon termite barrier that acts as both a physical and chemical barrier to prevent termite infestation. This effective pre construction pest control system ensures that termites won’t cause major damage to your house.

    Kordon Moisture Barrier Treatments

    A Kordon moisture barrier treatment provides new buildings with long-term protection against both termites and moisture.These vapour barriers are installed under the concrete on ground flooring and can be used as a solid barrier against termites with:

    • Wall cavities
    • Retaining walls
    • Plumbing penetrations
    • Infill and raft slabs
    • Other types of constructions

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