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    Which is the Best Termite Treatment?

    Homeowners who are concerned about the threat of termites will often ask, “What’s the best termite treatment?” Unfortunately there isn't a single answer to this, as a number of factors come into play. Some considerations include: Termite status: are termites currently inside the building? If so, which species is present and how did the termites gain entry? Construction: the age of the property and construction type, for example whet

    Blog Termite treatments

    How do termite baits work?

    Termite baits are the smart way to control termites as they tap into the termites’ natural behaviours and actually eliminate the nest (colony). Termite nests are hard to locate, as they are often hidden underground. In termite control, it’s important to try and eliminate the nest, as it puts a permanent end to the threat from that colony, reducing the termite pressure on the property. By using baits, there is no need to actually find the n

    Blog Termite treatments

    How do Termite Soil Treatments Work?

    Carrying out a termite treatment to the soil around and under a building with insecticide, is a proven way to protect a building from termite attack. But how do these treatments actually work? It’s worth knowing a bit about these termite treatments ­– they aren’t just set and forget. As a homeowner, there are a number of things you should and shouldn’t do, to make sure the treatment provides lasting protection from termites. First,

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