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Termite Treatment – Pest Control Services

Your home is your castle, so you want to be sure that it’s safe and structurally sound. Termites however want to make your home their home and in doing so will make it unsafe and structurally unsound. Fumapest Termite & Pest Control specialises in providing termite control for Beaumaris residents, delivering effective results that keep your castle protected.

Using pest control techniques that are child and pet safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective, we can safeguard your home from the threat of serious infestation.

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When it comes to pest eradication, you want assurance that it will be done right first time and it will be effective. This is precisely why people choose Fumapest Termite & Pest Control for pest control in Beaumaris.

  • We have 35 years of valuable industry experience.
  • We comply with the standards set by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association to ensure our practices don’t harm the planet.
  • Our termite control specialists have all been licensed by the Victorian Dept of Health.
  • We are covered with professional indemnity, worker’s compensation and public liability insurance, ensuring your peace of mind.

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No matter what pests you have, be it Spiders or Silverfish, Bed Bugs or Bees, Ants or Termites, you can count on us to get rid of them. Call 1800 113 112 or contact us online today to book our services.