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    Termites VIC Termite & Pest Control (formerly Fumapest) provide professional termite inspections, termite treatments and pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Pakenham. We’ve been protecting homes and business from termites and other pests for over 35 years which is why we are, “Trusted. Experienced. Dedicated.”

    Why Choose Termites VIC?

    • We are termite specialists!
    • All our termite inspectors are fully qualified and insured
    • Our team have been carrying out termite inspections in Melbourne for over 35 years!
    • We take our time to carry out a comprehensive termite inspection
    • To back up our expert termite inspectors we use state-of-the-art termite detection technology, including the FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera and Termatrac T3i
    • We provide a comprehensive multipage report with photos (see below for more details)
    • We are always happy to discuss our findings

    What our customers say…

    Pest Control Services

    Our general pest control treatment covers web-building spiders, large cockroaches, ants, silverfish and carpet beetles and comes with a 6-month warranty. For most homeowners in Pakenham it’s all they need each year to keep the home pest free home (although termites need additional services). As such, most customers request a termite inspection to be carried out at the same time for added convenience and cost savings. If a customer has a specific pest problem or infestation, a specialist pest control treatment may be required, particularly for rodents, German cockroaches and European wasps.

    We also provide commercial pest control services for a range of businesses and organisations across the Pakenham. We tailor these pest control programs to meet the requirements of the business and their specific pest problems.

    Termite Inspection Pakenham

    Governments, building authorities and Australian Standards recommend homeowners get a professional termite inspections each year. Not only will the inspection record the presence of any termite activity or damage on the property, it will also identify any conditions or issues that may make a termite attack more likely.

    At Termite VIC, we use the latest termite detection equipment including the FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera and Termatrac T3i. Coupled with the experience of our inspections, the data from the equipment, ensures we get as much information as possible to ensure you receive a comprehensive termite inspection. The results of the inspection are documented in our multi-page report (with photos).

    Termite Treatment Pakenham

    To successfully eliminate termites from a building and provide long term protection it’s necessary to choose the best termite treatment for the situation. At Termites VIC, we are accredited, skilled and experienced to use all the leading termite treatment products so we can select the best termite treatment for your particular situation. We guarantee elimination of active termites from your building and can offer the $2 million  Timber Assurance warranty with Termidor treatments.  Please call us or email us for a FREE Quote.

    Termite Protection Pakenham

    With termites a significant threat in Pakenham, termite protection products need to be installed during the construction process if you are building a house or carrying out renovations. At Termites VIC we only use quality products – Kordon or Termseal – to ensure your home is protected for the long term.

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

    If you’re looking to buy a property, you should always get a pre-purchase timber pest inspection. These inspections are more involved that a termite inspection, as they also inspect for borers and timber decay. These inspections provide essential information before making a purchase decision or bidding at an auction.

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    Interesting facts about Pakenham

    • The traditional custodians of the land on which Pakenham sites are the Boon Wurrung people with the Kulin nation.
    • Pakenham got its name from Sir Edward Packenham, who was a Major General in the British army. He was killed in action in 1815 at the Battle of New Orleans. However, he did not have any connnection with Australia.
    • Pakenham is in many ways the outer limit of East Melbourne, as the Metro Trains terminate in Packenham.
    • Pakehham has a wide variety of sports clubs, including all football codes.

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