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    Pest Control Services

    When homeowners type in “Pest Control Cranbourne”, they could be looking for a range of pest control services. However, what most homeowners are looking for is a general pest control treatment. Our general pest control treatment covers web-building spiders, large cockroaches, ants, silverfish and carpet beetles and comes with a 6-month warranty. For many this will keep their home pest free for the year. However, if homeowners have a specific pest problem or significant infestation, a specialist pest control treatment may be required. This is particularly the case for rodent, German cockroaches and European wasp problems.

    We also provide commercial pest control services for a range of businesses and organisations across the Mornington Peninsula. We tailor these programs to meet the specific requirements of the business.

    Termite Inspection Cranbourne

    Termite inspections are a must for all homeowners. Termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance, so it best to think of an annual termite inspection as an important “health check” on your home. A termite inspection will report on any termite activity or damage on the property, as well as any conditions,  issues or building faults that may make a termite attack more likely.

    To back up the experience of our inspectors we use the latest termite detection equipment during our termite inspections. This allows us to complete an inspection with confidence and produce a comprehensive termite inspection report you can trust.

    Many homeowners combine their annual termite inspection with a general pest control treatment in the same service for added convenience and cost savings.

    Termite Treatment Cranbourne

    Although termite inspections provide the check up, termite treatments provide the long-term protection from termites. In many ways a termite treatment is your termite insurance for your home. At Termites VIC, we are accredited to provide all the leading termite products. With different properties requiring different types of termite treatment (due to construction, soil type, termite species, etc), it means we can chose the best termite treatment for your particular situation. We guarantee elimination of active termites from your building and our treatments provide long-term protection from future attack.  Please call us or email us for a FREE Quote.

    Termite Protection Cranborne

    Termite protection is essential for new houses in Cranbourne of even if you are carrying out renovations. These termite protection products need to be installed before or during the construction of the building. At Termites VIC, we can help design the necessary termite protection system at the design stage, to make sure you are compliant with all building regulations. We only use quality products – Kordon or Termseal – to ensure your home is protected from termites for many years.

    Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

    Pre-purchase pest inspections are a must for anyone buying a house. A pre-purchase pest inspection or timber pest inspection, inspects the property for termites, borers and wood decay and will highlight if they are present, if there is any damage and whether there are any issues which could increase the risk of a timber pest attack in the future. This is all vital information you need before bidding at an auction or buying a house, so you can  make an informed purchase decision or negotiate on price.


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