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    Termite Treatment Services & Protection in Longford

    We at Fumapest Termite and Pest Control take great pride in our expertise in eliminating all types of termites and common home pests and are the leading termite treatment services & protection company. We are the leading service provider to contact if you require termites to be eliminated from your house or for a termite inspection. With years of experience, we have specialised in termite treatment.

    Termite Treatment and Inspection

    We have all the equipment required for performing diagnostic tests to inspect for termites in your house. As a part of termite treatment in Longford, we can determine the level of infestation so that we can offer the best remedy to the situation. We can also perform pest inspection if there are other pests in your building so that we can formulate an effective strategy.

    Termite Protection to Prevent Outbreaks

    Whether the property owned by you is a commercial or residential one termite protection is quintessential. We offer the perfect protection from termites from returning to re-infest your structure. Your building will be shielded for years and we have the experience of working with many homeowners and have offered our excellent termite protection services.

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    Whenever you realise that your house has been infected with termites or any other pests like ants, cockroaches, flea, etc just pick up your phone and give us a call at 1800 113 112. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling up the online enquiry form to get a quote from us.

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