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    Termite Inspection and Control Loch Sport

    Fumapest Termite and Pest Control are always ready to assist you with eliminating termites and other pest from your property. Termites are quite troublesome creatures and create havoc by damaging the property if not controlled in time. We specialise in termites and also can deal with all other types of pests and provide protection from them. We are a team possessing professional indemnity, workers compensation insurance along with public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

    Termite Treatment and Inspection Services

    Whenever you feel that there is some termite activity inside the house or premises then you must contact specialists like us who are experts as perform a proper termite inspection and then present the best treatment method that effectively deals with termites and pests. According to the Australian Standard AS:3660 termite inspection should be carried out at least once in every 12 months. We possess the best equipment for detecting termites and pests.

    Superior Termite Protection Services

    Termite protection goes a long way in protecting your property from any future termite outbreaks since after infestation they can significantly damage your property in very little time. We know the best treatments like barrier, baits, etc that effectively protect your property and gives you peace of mind.

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