Termite / Whiteants Control

Termite / Whiteants Control

10 Tips to Help With Effective Termite Control

Termites can literally eat through a home. It is only a timely intervention from a reputable termite pest control company that carries out a termite inspection to treat the infestation and minimise the damage. So here is a list of termite control tips worth knowing.

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  1. For efficient termites control, reduce moisture as termites both love and need moisture to thrive. So do everything to control excess moisture in and around your home.
  2. There should be good cross ventilation in wall vents to keep the wood as dry as possible. Exposed wood should be sealed with weather sealer, especially the window seals and wall edges.
  3. Remove bushes growing against the house as they only encourage moisture and mould in the wood. This can help termite prevention
  4. In case you are building a house, the best termite control measure is to pre-treat the soil before building your home. It’s even better to build a barrier under your foundation so that the soil and wood don’t come in contact. Though expensive, there termite control measures save you lots of money and time later on.
  5. If in doubt, it never hurts to have a termite inspection carried out as prevention is always better than cure. Professional termite control companies have the necessary equipment, products and knowhow to treat any termite infestation and to prevent one.
  6. Always keep any standing water sources and wood to ground contact around your homes exterior away from the foundation of your home. Use termite baits and a good termite barrier system to kill termites
  7. All termite food sources like dead stumps, wood debris, paper and firewood should be removed from around the house.
  8. Always keep a sharp eye out for warning signs of a termite infestation like mud tunnels, bubbled or cracked paint and discarded swarmer termite wings.
  9. Make it a point to carry out regular termite inspections on the wood decks and fences in your home for any activity and damage caused by termites.
  10. Seal all the holes and cracks in any exposed wood in your home to prevent any easy access and infestation of dry wood termites. Last, but not least, contact a termite specialist from a professional pest control company like Fumapest to regularly carry out termite inspections in your home to detect and treat infestations accordingly. Never hesitate to call for professional termite control help in case of a serious termite infestation. The few hundred dollars on termite treatment cost spent now helps save money in the long run as you don’t have to spend thousands repairing all the damage caused by termites. what do termites look like?

Peter Cooper is part of a professional termite control company and knows how to take care of, treat, control and prevent any termite infestation. Fumapest is the leader in termite control Melbourne. A call to Fumapest is all that is required to make your home free of pests and termites. For more information on termite prevention and termite pest control please visit the below pages termite solutions pest management pest inspections pest control termites rodent control exterminators

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